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Instructions for sending hair samples for testing:

  1. Snip a small section of hair (10-12 strands)from any part of your hair.  It can be cut from the ends of the hair and does not have to be taken from the scalp.
  2. Swab the inside of cheek with Q-tip.
  3. Place hair and swabbed Q-Tip in a plastic bag together, seal the bag completely and write your full name and age with indelible ink on the bag.
  4. Mail the sample and the following to:                                                                     Michele Millen                                                                                                               Synergy Services                                                                                                                 2430 SE Federal Hwy                                                                                                       Stuart, FL 34994
  • Payment of $200 payable to: Synergy Services
  • Two-day list of foods in your normal diet
  • List of medications you are currently taking
  • Also if you know your Blood Type Please Include that on Form
  •  Please write Date of Birth on informed consent form 


                           Informed Consent 

 *There is currently no state licensing for Naturopaths in Florida.  Michele Millen works only in the capacity of a technician with the equipment listed above and as an educator for helping people balance their bodies.  Neither content nor products on this website are meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease or to diagnose any disease.  Please see your medical doctor for diagnosis and disease recommendations.

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