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Almased Multi Protein Powder
 Mastic Gum Extract - Source Naturals

 Dr. Bakers Nut Oil

Essential Fatty Acids
This blend of fatty acid oils is the secret of the formulary. Fish oil only has1 or 2 EFA. There's no other product globally that comes even close tohaving all these oils.

Portable Infrared Spa Sauna

The sauna enhances circulation and oxygenates the cells, tissues and organs. It increases the body's ability to produce energy, which promotes healing. At the same time, heating the tissues speeds up the metabolism. Your cells are gradually capable of eliminating toxins much more effectively.



The Naked Truth About Breast Implants
by Dr. Susan Kolb

Flora Femme 

The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake
  • plant-based multi-nutrient protein complex
  • gluten-free soy-free dairy-free no artificial sweeteners

Supersize Me DVD 

Killer at Large - DVD 

 Hungry for change - DVD

Forks Over Knives - DVD 


 You Can Heal Your Life book by Louise Hay

Air Supply Mini Mate Personal Air Purifier

 Spirtutein Gold - Chocolate



Citcoline - 60 count
Promotes brain metabolism

Citicoline - 120 count
Promotes brain metabolism

 Rebounder Basics Video

Pill Alarms & Reminders

 Bob's Red Mill Baking Soda

Dry Brushes

Dry Brushing Technique Video

Highlands Cell Salts






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